What We Do

What we do . . here at Caravan Sales Advisor

Why do we focus on Sales?
Sales are the key to driving every business forward, increasing sales performance increases the bottom line. Improving the quality of sales helps retain customers which increases positive brand awareness.
We do the simple things extremely well and focus on the right systems for your business together with effective marketing to engage your customers, increasing your sales performance and customer base.
We improve sales performances in your business by analysing your current sales strategy, sales proposition and ways of working, sales processes and your sales team,

How do we help clients?
We take each business that contacts us through a unique 60 point discovery & consultancy review, this allows us to analyse your business from a purely sales angle to identify all the keys areas where your performance is in need of support & development. Each of our clients has their own individual needs and the consultation allows us the opportunity to quantify those needs to identify key areas where you may need our help:

• Developing a compelling Sales and Marketing proposition to acquire more customers
• Help in reviewing Sales and Marketing and Business Development plans and strategy
• Improving sales processes, tools and CRM systems and developing robust KPIs
• Social media that drives your brand to engage with online customers
• Sales team performance management, goal setting, consistency is key
• Strategies for sales growth and testing new products and services
• Helping you adopt a more customer friendly sales approach
• Sales training, coaching and mentoring sales staff and recruiting new sales people

What happens after the initial review?
We will review your case with our team of experts and tailor a business proposal specifically for your business needs, this normally takes 7 days and if you believe that we can add value to your business and you are happy with our proposal we will set a timescale of objectives and get you started to a greater success in your business.

What happens thereafter?
Our high performance business team are always on hand to support your business needs, this is a relationship business and we aim to go the extra mile and continue to help you achieve your goals.
We have tailored training workshops to engage your sales teams and supporting marketing tools to help deliver consistently high sales performances so your never on your own…

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  • Our Goal

    To help grow and support your business building long term relationship with your team and customers to improve customer service and increasing sales performance

  • Support Your Business

    We aim to listen and understand your business needs v goals, identifying key areas that need action & support

  • Media and Marketing expertise

    Marketing plans, sales funnels, social media campaigns, web development, branding, stock, presentation, best business practice, here at the Caravan sales advisor we enjoy what we do for the people who use our services and above all we like to keep it simple…

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